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Bunny O’Hare (1970)

Elderly Bunny O’Hare (Bette Davis) is evicted from her home due to a mistake by her bank. When she learns that Bill Green (Ernest Borgnine) – a man sent to salvage plumbing items from her house – is a former bank robber, she blackmails him into helping her steal her money back from the bank.

In her golden years, veteran diva Bette Davis took on practically any role to prove she was still alive and a viable actress. But nothing can really explain why she sank as low as this dreadful gimmick flick, where she’s a bored grandmother in hippy gear and a long blonde wig, who decides to rob banks with ageing partner-in-crime Ernest Borgnine.


Costar Jack Cassidy, as the vain cop obsessed with catching the “hippie bandits,” delivers a tiresome caricature in lieu of a performance, while funnyman John Astin, playing one of Bunny’s kids, fares slightly better.

Bunny O’Hare
Bette Davis
Bill Green
Ernest Borgnine
Detective Greeley
Jack Cassidy
RJ Hart
Joan Delaney
Jay Robinson
Reva Rose
John Astin
Commissioner Dingle
Robert Foulk

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