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Butterflies Are Free (1972)

Goldie Hawn stars as cheerful irresponsible hippie Jill Tanner in this light-hearted film as a flighty actress who falls in love with Don Baker (Edward Albert), a blind young college-aged suburban youth trying to live on his own for the first time in the apartment next door.

Then she has to deal with his overprotective, smothering mother (Eileen Heckart).

Based on Leonard Gershe’s Broadway play, the film adaptation is somewhat confined and still very stagey, but good acting by the top cast overcomes the drawback.


Hawn is perfectly cast (the fact that she spends a third of the movie in her underwear commands a certain kind of attention), and Heckart is brilliant as the possessive mother. She won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for the role.

Jill Tanner
Goldie Hawn
Don Baker
Edward Albert
Mrs Baker
Eileen Heckart
Paul Michael Glaser
Mike Warren

Milton Katselas