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Candle For The Devil, A (1973)

Laura Barkley (Judy Geeson) is heading to Spain to meet her sister in a small rural town where she’s photographing some old paintings for a magazine and staying in a small guest house run by severely repressed and deranged sisters Marta (Aurora Bautista) and Veronica (Esperanza Roy).

Marta and Veronica hate any pretty young women staying at their inn who don’t share their love of liberal dress and sensible behaviour and – almost by accident – they bump off Laura’s sister.

But now believing they have God on their side, they begin to work their way through anyone else who doesn’t conform to their religious ideals – including a 60s-style dollybird and a single mum.

Looking for a way to dispose of the bodies, they decide the evening meals would be a good way of losing the evidence.

Finding her sister is missing, Laura does some amateur sleuthing and discovers she’s not the only one who has lost a relative in recent days.

Released in some markets as It Happened at Nightmare Inn and Dread Stop at Nightmare Inn.

Laura Barkley
Judy Geeson
Aurora Bautista
Esperanza Roy
Víctor Barrera (as Vic Winner)
Helen Miller
Lone Fleming
Blanca Estrada
Carlos Piñeiro
May Barkley
Loreta Tovar
Montserrat Julió
Fernando Villena
Fernando Hilbeck

Eugenio Martín