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Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)

Handsome, debonair, dope-smoking vampire hunter and expert swordsman Captain Kronos (Horst Janson) and his hunchback assistant Professor Grost (John Cater) – an authority on vampire lore – find themselves in a small village where several of the young local women have been found in an advanced state of age, with their youth literally drained from them.

Accompanied by his old army pal Dr Marcus (John Carson) and a rescued gypsy girl called Carla (Caroline Munro), the pair’s search leads them to the Durward estate where they are met by the effete children of the apparently aged and sick Lady Durward (Wanda Ventham).

Ian Hendry turns up briefly as a cruel goon who finds himself on the receiving end of Janson’s sword in a bar-room battle.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter stands head-and-shoulders above most Hammer films, largely due to writer/director Brian Clemens – a man associated with some of the best British television drama of the 60s and 70s, including The Avengers, Adam Adamant Lives, The Champions, The Professionals and many more.

This was intended to be the first of many movies featuring the Captain Kronos character but sadly it wasn’t to be. Attempts to spin off a TV series also fell through.

Captain Kronos
Horst Janson
Dr Marcus
John Carson
Paul Durward
Shane Briant
Caroline Munro
Professor Hieronymos Grost
John Cater
Sara Durward
Lois Daine
Ian Hendry
Lady Durward
Wanda Ventham
William Hobbs
George Sorell
Brian Tully
Robert James
Perry Soblosky
Paul Greenwood
Vanda Sorell
Lisa Collings

Brian Clemens