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Captain Milkshake (1970)

Director Richard Crawford generated this profoundly-felt protest film about a young marine (Geoff Gage) on emergency leave from Vietnam falling in love with an anti-war militant hippie girl (Andrea Cagan), in and around real San Diego locations.

Things get complicated with conservative relatives, irate hippies and an ill-fated Mexican drug run, all set to the trippy sounds of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe & The Fish, The Steve Miller Band and Kaleidoscope.

Shot in a mixture of monochrome and Technicolor, replete with a necessary dosage of hallucinatory effects, the movie soon got lost in litigation and went unseen for 20 years.

Real hippies, real drugs, real sex and real psychedelic rock ‘n roll mark the pic as an archaeological find of the era.

Geoff Gage
Andrea Cagan
David Korn
Ron Barca
Evelyn King
Belle Greer
Joanne Moore Jordan
Darlene Conley
James Ashton
Stuart Lancaster
Bob Reece
Kip Winsett
Hal Neilsen
James Hourigan
Wally Starr

Richard Crawford