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Carry On Abroad (1972)

The 24th Carry On film, Carry On Abroad (or ‘What a package’) concerns saucy carry-ons in the Spanish resort of Elsbels.

Vic Flange (Sid James) plans to bunk off on a package holiday with buxom Sadie Tomkins (Barbara Windsor). Much to his chagrin his wife finds out and insists on coming along.

When the coach party of holidaymakers arrive at the resort, they find the Hotel still hasn’t been finished and the weather is awful. There is also something very strange about the staff – They all look very similar.


To top it all off, the weather seems to be having an adverse effect on the Hotel’s foundations.

They don’t come much better than this celebration of the cheap package holiday, all the 1970’s Carry On regulars line up as Kenneth Williams is given the unenviable task of ensuring a fun-packed holiday while Charles Hawtrey giggles and drinks away from the main group while desperately trying to play leap-frog with the young ladies.

Barbara Windsor is the ultimate sex-bomb, struggling to force her lacy underwear into her case, Bernard Bresslaw is meek and mild as the devout monk who sees the light when modernised and humanised by the delectable Carol Hawkins.

Joan Sims, as Sid’s long-suffering and mildly nagging wife, finds a sort of romantic understanding with typical military Officer-type and all-round coward Kenneth Connor.

june_abroadOf particular note is Peter Butterworth`s frantic Spanish hotelier (“Room Servicings”, “Bloodings Brown Bristols soups”, “Chippings”), which – with his deliciously over-bearing, explosive and fiery wife, Hattie Jacques – provides the series’ most concentrated cascade of funny moments.

It is simply corny joke following one-liner, following outrageous comment, following sight gag: laughs all the way and a timely jibe at the ever-increasing popularity for economic holidays abroad.

A combination of comic situations, sexual revelations and a collapsing hotel leads to the end of holiday party that is quickly livened up by Sid’s injection of a potent sex drug.

The party goes with a swing, Hattie Jacques does her Spanish bull impersonation, Charlie Hawtrey talks with glee about his hamsters and everybody couples off.

carryonabroad_737  carryonabroad_034

The final joyous scene, with all the holiday-makers surging into Sid’s pub for a reunion (pictured above right), filling the drinks with elixir and locking the doors for an all-night party, leaves the audience in the company of comic friends having a great time, and forms the most satisfying close to any Carry On.

Vic Flange
Sid James
Mrs Cora Flange

Joan Sims
Sadie Tomkins

Barbara Windsor
Miss Dobbs

Patsy Rowlands
Stuart Farquhar

Kenneth Williams
Miss Lilly Plunkett

Amelia Bayntun

Carol Hawkins
Lily (Marge’s friend)

Sally Geeson
Stanley Blunt

Kenneth Connor
Evelyn Blunt

June Whitfield
Eustace Tuttle

Charles Hawtrey
Brother Bernard

Bernard Bresslaw
Papa Pepe

Peter Butterworth
Georgio Pepe

Ray Brooks
Mama Floella Pepe

Hattie Jacques
Bert Conway
Jimmy Logan

Jack Douglas

Gerald Thomas