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Carry On Up The Jungle (1970)

Or “Stop Beating About The Bush”, or “Show Me Your Water Hole and I’ll Show You Mine”.

An ornithological expedition up the African jungle in search of the legendary Oozalum bird finds more than expected.

Lady Evelyn is searching for her long lost husband and son and finds them both, but one has turned into a poor man’s Tarzan, while the other is living the life of ‘luxury’ with Leda and the LubiDubi tribe of Amazons.

Sid is the ultimate bumbling white hunter, tripping over the jungle foliage, shooting various slaves instead of lions, sneaking off for a quick nip of whiskey at any time and incorporating coy sexual references to Jacki Piper and highly unsubtle sight gags with his rifle to a knowing Joan Sims.

Also along for this wonderfully hilarious journey is timid and lazy servant, Upsidasi, a blacked-up Bernard Bresslaw.

The comic catalyst is the beautifully incompetent Terry Scott as the token Tarzan-type, swinging through the air with the greatest of ill-at-ease.

A clumsy figure of baby-faced ignorance, Scott mumbles and murmurs at all and sundry, delighting in his sexual awakening opposite Jacki Piper and almost being seduced by his own mother, the over-amorous Joan Sims.

As a result of his actions, Frankie, Sid and the gang end up on the natives’ menu, escape by the skin of their teeth and get trapped within a fantasy world of female rule – presided over by the delectable Valerie Leon (pictured above).

The novelty of regular marriages, soon wears off, even for Sid. Again it is Terry Scott who, through his bumbling help, spoils an ideal situation, while a dragged up Bernard Bresslaw sorts out the situation.

During production, the working title was Carry On Jungle Boy.


Mr Boozie
Sidney James
Professor Inigo Tinkle

Frankie Howerd
Lord Claude Chumley

Kenneth Connor
Lady Evelyn Bagley

Joan Sims

Terry Scott
Miss June Bung

Jacki Piper

Bernard Bresslaw
Tonka the Great

Charles Hawtrey
Valerie Leon

Gerald Thomas