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Charley Varrick (1973)

Former stunt pilot turned independent crop duster Charley Varrick (Walter Matthau), his wife and his two-man gang rob a bank in a backwater New Mexico town (Tres Cruces) collecting not only the bank’s money but also the loot deposited there illegally by the Mafia.

Pursued by both Police and Mafia, Charley plans a scheme to escape with the loot.

Charley outsmarts his Mafia nemesis, Molly (Joe Don Baker) by imposing his carefully calculated deceptions on top of a world in which nothing is what it appears to be, to begin with: A Chinese waitress turns out to speak perfect English; a Chinese restaurant turns out to be a Mafia front; Charley’s broken leg turns out to be a disguise; a one-legged gun dealer turns out to be a fence and stool pigeon; everyone turns on everyone else so that the only sane thing to do is to live in spiritual isolation, trusting no one – which is exactly what Charley does.

Because the Mafia will hunt him until they think him dead, Charley must not merely win, but successfully fade into obscurity.

Based on the novel The Looters by John Reese.

Charley Varrick
Walter Matthau
Joe Don Baker
Sybil Fort
Felicia Farr
Harmon Sullivan
Andrew Robinson
Maynard Boyle
John Vernon
Jewell Everett
Sheree North
Mr Garfinkle
Norman Fell
Honest John
Benson Fong
Howard Young
Woodrow Parfrey
Sheriff Bill Horton
William Schallert
Nadine Varrick
Jacqueline Scott
Mrs Taff
Marjorie Bennett
Rudy Sanchez
Rudy Diaz
Colby Chester
Miss Ambar
Priscilla García
Mr Scott
Scott Hale
Miss Vesta
Hope Summers
Monica Lewis
Tom Tully
Randolph Percy
Albert Popwell
Kathleen O’Malley
Christina Hart
Van Sickle
Craig R. Baxley
Don Siegel

Don Siegel