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Chatterbox (1977)

Penelope (Candice Rialson), a young woman who works in a hair salon, discovers that her vagina can talk.

Convinced she’s going crazy, Penelope visits Dr Pearl (Larry Gelman), who confirms that she does indeed have a talking sex organ and presents Penelope and “Virginia the Talking Vagina” to a medical conference. He then becomes Penelope’s manager for a lucrative tour of live appearances and TV specials, culminating in a movie deal.

Every frame of Chatterbox is inherently filthy, even though there’s nothing remotely pornographic about the film.

Candice Rialson
Dr Pearl
Larry Gelman
Eleanor Pittman
Jane Kean
Perry Bullington
Arlene Martel
Michael Taylor
Linda Ann
Cynthia Hoppenfeld
Jon David
Robert Lipton
Mr Jo
Rip Taylor
Mrs Bugatowski
Sandra Gould
Frank Rio
Trent Dolan

Tom Desimone