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Cherry Picker, The (1974)

American corporate bigwig James Burn II (Robert Hutton) finds his son James Burn III (Bob Sherman) leading a giant hippy “sleep-in” at Windsor Castle.

He hires model Nancy (Lulu) to get his son out of the castle and into work. With the help of her crazy eccentric retired father, (Wilfrid Hyde-White) – who believes in working day and night and producing nothing – and uses a giant Astro telescope for casual bird watching, she does just that.

But James junior believes in “Desire, not Fire” and “Sex not Slavery” and soon opts out.

The battle is on – for her to get him back to work (and the marriage bed), and for him to avoid work at all costs and find as many other beds as possible including his father’s mistress (Fiona Curzon, who also sings the theme tune), the aptly named Mrs Truelove (Priscilla Morgan) who gives him bed and board at the local pub, and Doris, a nymphomaniac who can’t stop talking (Julia Sutton).

A selection of ageing British comedy greats (Terry-Thomas, Wilfred Hyde-White, Spike Milligan, Patrick Cargill) are wheeled out for cameo appearances and Lulu looks bright-eyed and bubbly throughout (though she’s missing for a large part of the middle of the film).

A new-look Lulu returns at the end to take James back and renew her efforts to get him to adopt a life of duty.

Director Peter Curran had to remortgage his house to finish the film and according to various sources, Lulu’s Scottish accent was too strong, leading to her being dubbed by Nikki Van der Zyl, best known as the actress who did the same for multiple Bond girls, including Ursula Andress in Dr No.

James Burn III
Bob Sherman
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Mr Lal
Spike Milligan
Dr Harrison
Patrick Cargill
James Burn II
Robert Hutton
Sir Hugh Fawcett
Jack Hulbert
Mrs Trulove
Priscilla Morgan
Dan Haydock
Arthur Blake
Fiona Curzon
Henry McGee
Julia Sutton
Dr Softman
Bruce Boa
Barry Wilsher
Mrs Lal
Marianne Stone

Peter Curran