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Cinderella 2000 (1977)

It is the year 2047 (despite the title of the film!), sex is forbidden outside of government-sanctioned encounters and The Controller (Erwin Fuller) uses robots to keep an eye on everyone in this soft-core sci-fi musical comedy atrocity.

Wholesome-looking blonde Cindy (Catherine Erhardt) lives with The Widow (Renee Harmon) and the Widow’s daughters, black Bella (Bhurni Cowans) and white Stella (Adina Ross), who won’t share their male lovers with put-upon Cindy. So she’s even hornier than everyone else.

With the help of her effeminate Fairy Godfather (a flamboyantly campy Jay B. Larson), she attends a grand gala ball with the specific plan of seducing handsome stud Tom Prince (Vaughn Armstrong) to teach everyone that making love is a positive, pleasurable and wholly acceptable activity.


The performances are bad and the musical numbers are even worse, but there are attractive naked ladies. The end.

Catharine Erhardt
Fairy Godfather
Jay B. Larson
Tom Prince
Vaughn Armstrong
The Controller
Erwin Fuller
The Widow
Renee Harmon
Bhurni Cowans
Adina Ross
Roscoe the Robot
Eddie Garetti
Olivia Michelle
Art Cacaro
Sherri Coyle
John Appleton
Steve Puckett
Don Birkley
Harry Kistner
Bruce Barnhill

Al Adamson