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Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975)

When fellow narcotics agents (and brothers) Matthew (Albert Popwell) and Melvin Johnson (Caro Kenyatta) disappear during an undercover mission in Hong Kong, ass-kicking secret agent Cleopatra Jones (former model Tamara Dobson) travels there to find them.

With the help of local detective Mi Ling (Tanny), Cleopatra discovers that her friends’ disappearance has to do with “the Dragon Lady” (Stella Stevens), a much-feared blonde “lipstick lesbian” who runs a Macao casino and controls a major chunk of the local drug trade.

This sequel to Cleopatra Jones (1973) is a slight improvement over its predecessor because Dobson is a bit more comfortable onscreen and the addition of goofy elements like extended kung-fu fights and a campy supporting turn by future Three’s Company guy Normal Fell increase watchability.


cleopatrajonescasinoCleopatra Jones
Tamara Dobson
Dragon Lady (Bianca Javin)
Stella Stevens
Mi Ling
Stanley Nagel
Norman Fell
Matthew Johnson
Albert Popwell
Melvin Johnson
Caro Kenyatta
Soo Da Chen
Chan Shen
Christopher Hunt
Lin Chen-chi
Liu Loke Hua
Eddie Donno
Lin Ma Chen
Bobby Canavarro
Mui Kwok Sing
John Cheng
Lao Di
Tony Lee
Mr Han
Rich King
Chew Lun
Gigo Tevzadze
Lok Sing

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