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Coffy (1973)

The Baddest One-Chick Hit-Squad that ever hit town – She had body men would die for . . . and a lot of them did!

Coffy is a dedicated and attractive young nurse whose 11-year-old sister gets involved in drugs and is eventually hospitalised by contaminated heroin.

Coffy sets out – with a loaded shotgun – on a mission of vengeance and vigilante justice, killing drug dealers, pimps, and mobsters who cross her path, determined to stop the drug trade once and for all.


First, she lures a pusher, Sugarman, into a bedroom, blows his head off with a shotgun, and then forces his driver to give himself a fatal shot of heroin.

Coffy’s boyfriend, Howard Brunswick, is a city councilman who is pals with Ramos, a former policeman who is now a racketeer. Carter is a young black cop whose partner, McHenry, Coffy suspects of being crooked.

Coffy learns from Carter that McHenry is working with the drug mob and that the Mister Big is a Las Vegas gangster called Vitroni. Coffy and Carter are then attacked by two hoods who have been sent by McHenry to silence Carter. They rough up Coffy and batter Carter so he will never be the same again.

Coffy discovers from a prostitute, Priscilla, that a big shot dope distributor and pimp, King George, works for Vitroni. Before Coffy can leave Priscilla a huge black lesbian attacks Coffy.

Coffy escapes and contrives to meet King George. She lures him into a boudoir, and later when she is alone there she takes the heroin which he has hidden and substitutes plain powder for it.


Knowing that one of King George’s girls, Meg, is going to attack her, Coffy puts a razor blade in her hair. In the wild fight that follows, Meg slashes her hands.

Vitroni comes in and watches the battle with relish and decides he wants to have sex with Coffy, but just as Vitroni is about to practice his particular perversion on Coffy with a revolver, Nick bursts in and saves the situation.

Blaming King George, Vitroni has him killed.

Jack Hill’s extremely violent, blaxploitation classic made the halter-topped, Capri-panted Grier, in her first leading role, queen of the genre, while plenty of nudity and nasty blood-letting keep the high-energy action bubbling along.

Thanks to strong roles like this, and awesome acting smarts to match them, Grier became a cult star. Two decades later, Quentin Tarantino would give her a new lease of life in Jackie Brown (1997).

Pam Grier
Howard Brunswick

Booker Bradshaw
King George

Robert DoQui

William Elliott
Arturo Vitroni

Allan Arbus

Sid Haig

Barry Cahill

Lee de Broux

Ruben Moreno

Lisa Farringer

Carol Lawson

Linda Haynes

John Perak

Mwako Cumbuka

Morris Buchanan

Peaches Jones

Minika Hughes

Leslie McRae

Ray Young

Bob Minor
Dr. Brannan

Jeff Burton
Bricke Redd

Gail Davis

Karen Williams

Bobby Johnson

Dea St. Lamont

Bebe Louis

Jason Laskey

Jack Hill