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Coma (1978)

When Nancy Greenly suffers irreparable brain damage after a routine operation at a Boston hospital, her close friend, Dr Susan Wheeler (Genevieve Bujold), wants to know the cause.

In an unauthorised search of hospital records, she uncovers an alarmingly high number of terminal comas.

Susan finds her sanity and then her life under threat when her investigations uncover an international medical conspiracy to send healthy patients into irreversible comas and then steal their organs for transplants.


The mystery unfolds amid the antiseptic glare of modern institutions with little style, imagination, or humour. Dr Frankenstein, where are you?

It’s doctor-turned-novelist Michael Crichton’s assured sense of creepy paranoia within the absorbing central mystery that gives an extra disturbing edge to the hospital horrors.

Dr Susan Wheeler
Geneviève Bujold
Dr Mark Bellows
Michael Douglas
Dr George A Harris
Richard Widmark
Dr George
Rip Torn
Mrs Emerson
Elizabeth Ashley
Nancy Greenly
Lois Chiles
Dr Morelind
Hari Rhodes
Frank Downing
Richard Doyle
Dr Marcus
Alan Haufrect
Lance LeGault
Chief resident
Michael MacRae
Sean Murphy
Tom Selleck

Michael Crichton