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Come Back, Charleston Blue (1972)

Godfrey Cambridge and Raymond St Jacques reprise the roles of Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson that they created in Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970).

Two Harlem police detectives are faced with a baffling mystery – a rash of murders bearing the trademark of a gangster gunned down over 40 years ago.

Charleston Blue, a legendary black gangster, was slain in 1932 by Dutch Schultz, yet suddenly his trademark of blue-steel razors is appearing alongside slit throats.

Gravedigger and Coffin Ed use their ingenuity to get to the bottom of the mystery involving a celebrated fashion photographer (Peter De Anda) and his naive girlfriend (Jonelle Allen).

charlestonblue_112Donny Hathaway composed and conducted the score and sings the title tune. Quincy Jones was the music supervisor.

The film was based on the novel The Heat’s On by Chester Himes.

Gravedigger Jones
Godfrey Cambridge
Coffin Ed Johnson
Raymond St Jacques
Peter De Anda
Jonelle Allen
Maxwell Glanville
Her Majesty
Minnie Gentry
Dick Sabol
Frank Mago
Leonardo Cimino

Mark Warren