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Come Play With Me (1977)

This classic example of 70s British film erotica marks a mucky milestone in the history of the UK’s domestic cinema.

Horny, humorous and hugely enjoyable, Come Play With Me was one of the country’s first legal full-frontal sex films and featured a roll-call of familiar comedy actors and actresses.

comeplay_001  comeplay_002

Rude, nude and filthily funny, the film is undoubtedly the best known and best loved of the saucy string of movies that had the dirty mac brigade flocking to the cinemas of Soho for more than a decade.

Come Play With Me starred Britain’s undisputed 1970s sex queen, Mary Millington, as the leader of a horde of horny girls who take over the running of a remote health farm.

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Their naughty fitness treatments certainly give new meaning to being in ‘rude health’ and, when a pair of bungling forgers hide out at their country house of ill-repute to escape the police and the rival heavies, the movie climaxes (oo-er missus!) with a no-holds-barred orgy that would make a docker blush.

Poor Irene Handl was horrified to discover that the ramshackle “comedy” she’d been hired to film was going to have hardcore porn inserted into it after shooting had wrapped, wailing, “I fear we’ve been deceived” to the nation’s press.

The film went on to play in London for years and became one of the highest-grossing British movies of all time, which must’ve mortified the poor dear.

Lady Bovington
Irene Handl

Alfie Bass

George Harrison Marks

Ronald Fraser

Mary Millington

Tommy Godfery

Bob Todd
Madame Rita

Rita Webb

Ken Parry

Cardew Robinson

Sue Longhurst

Suzy Mandell
Miss Dingle
Toni Harrison Marks
Anna Bergman
Suzette St. Clair
Penny Chisholm
Pat Astley

George Harrison Marks