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Commuter Husbands (1973)

Six different stories are presented in this 1973 British sexploitation anthology – a companion piece to Suburban Wives (1971) – narrated by the beautiful Gabrielle Drake (who unfortunately keeps her kit on) from the Penthouse Club in London.

The first tale – about husband Dennis (Robin Bailey) and his wife (Heather Chasen) having separate affairs and ending up booking into the same place (“this lovely hotel down by the river”) – is staid and obvious, lacking the simple fun of the other stories.


The second story features Dick Haydon as a plumber who gets called to fix a problem at the penthouse home of a posh Frenchwoman (Claire Gordon) where there’s a swingers party going down.

Then there’s a segment about a man (Mike Britton) who fantasises he’s chasing naked women around – including the gorgeous Nicola Austin – on a motorbike, a trip to Amsterdam, and finally the story of an ageing Peeping Tom.


Storyteller/Carol Appleby
Gabrielle Drake
Robin Bailey
Dennis’s Wife
Heather Chasen
Dennis’s Secretary
Jane Cardew
John Appleby
Robin Culver
Brenda Peters
The Dreamer (Peter Harris)
Mike Britton
The Dream Girl
Nicola Austin
Arthur Benbow (Plumber)
Dick Hayden
Carla Berlin
Claire Gordon
Valerie Stanton

Derek Ford