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Connecting Rooms (1970)

James Wallraven (Michael Redgrave) is a West Country schoolmaster who has been dismissed for sexual misconduct with one of his students – although the script is careful to let us know that Wallraven was unfairly accused.

The disgraced Wallraven lives in a dilapidated boarding house in Bayswater (London), hoping that no one will learn his shameful secret.

His room has a connecting door to his neighbour – a repressed and mousie cellist called Wanda Fleming (Bette Davis, cast against type) – and a tentative relationship develops between the pair.

Wanda has a scruffy young student called Mickey Hollister (Alexis Kanner), who lusts for fame as a songwriter. Mickey also lusts for Wanda, even though he’s a lot younger and better-looking than she is.

Jealous that Wanda is giving her attention to Wallraven, Mickey reveals Wallraven’s secret (without revealing that Wallraven is, in fact, innocent).

Also appearing here as a topless model is the delightful Gabrielle Drake of UFO fame (pictured at right) as Mickey’s unfortunate girlfriend, Jean.

Wanda Fleming
Bette Davis
James Wallraven
Michael Redgrave
Mickey Hollister
Alexis Kanner
Mrs Brent
Kay Walsh
Dr Norman
Leo Genn
Olga Georges-Picot
Dick Grayson
Richard Wyler
Mark Jones
Gabrielle Drake
Brian Wilde
John Woodnutt
Tony Hughes

Franklin Gollings