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Cool It Carol (1970)

This low-budget mod sleaze-fest came from Britain’s answer to Russ Meyer, director Peter Walker, the man behind such underground oddities as School For SexStrip Poker and, the deliciously-named, House of Whipcord.

Charming Janet Lynn and cheeky Robin (Confessions) Askwith star as innocent young lovers Carol and Joe who journey from their Midlands village to big city London to pursue their dreams – and instead get sucked into a depraved whirlpool of all-night parties, anonymous sexual encounters and rock & roll.

Before long Joe is pimping out his girlfriend who ultimately becomes an overnight success as a model but continues her duties having sex for money. He then gets them both into blue movies.

All ends well with the couple returning to rural safety and happy domesticity, turning the whole sordid saga into nothing more than a jolly romp.

Released overseas as Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met.


Joe Sickles
Robin Askwith
Carol Thatcher

Janet Lynn

Jess Conrad
Tommy Sanders

Derek Aylward
Benny Gray

Harry Baird
Philip Stanton

Peter Elliott
Rod Strangeways

Stubby Kaye
David Thing

Christopher Sandford

Pearl Hackney

Martin Wyldeck

Peter Walker