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Cry Rape (1973)

A man is wrongly accused of a brutal attack on a woman (offscreen) but swears the real rapist is a look-alike in this adult television movie from CBS.

For the victim, the assault is only the beginning of the nightmare. Reporting the crime exposes her to police scepticism (is she trying to pin something on an ex-lover?) and degrading interrogation.

The accused faces a different torment. Positively identified, he still maintains his innocence.

In the courtroom, a victim takes the stand, parrying vicious questions from an ambitious public defender who is out to make a name for himself at the cost of justice.

“Boldly explores the bizarre, twilight world of abnormal sexual behaviour!”

Betty Jenner
Andrea Marcovicci
Andy Coleman
Peter Coffield
Liam Price
Greg Mullavey
Detective Sloane
Joseph Sirola
Mrs Coleman
Lesley Woods
Jenny Coleman
Patricia Mattick
Detective Kroger
James Luisi
Jim Bryan
Robert Hogan
Janie Warren
Jana Bellan
Ben Warren
Howard Platt
DA Ritchie
Paul Comi
Dr Lang
Richard Evans
John Curzon
George Murdock
Officer Hill
Lawrence Bame
Sam Lesinski
Lew Horn

Corey Allen