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Daisy Miller (1974)

Based on a Henry James short story set in the 1890s, Daisy Miller is hauntingly beautiful to look at even though its content is rather slight.

Daisy Miller (Cybill Shepherd) is a headstrong self-willed American girl touring Europe with her timid and absent-minded mother (Cloris Leachman) and precocious younger brother (James McMurtry). Daisy has little regard for social conventions of the time, and this together with her beauty makes her a source of fascination to Frederick Winterbourne (Barry Brown) whom she meets by chance in Switzerland.

Intrigued and infatuated, Freddie follows her to Rome where he finds her openly defying convention and going about unchaperoned in the company of a socially “unsuitable” Italian, Mr Giovanelli (Duilio Del Prete).

Unable to break out of his own rigid upbringing, the lovesick Freddie watches helplessly as society ostracises Daisy, and her impetuous nature leads towards tragedy.

Annie P. “Daisy” Miller
Cybill Shepherd
Frederick Winterbourne
Barry Brown
Mrs Ezra B. Miller
Cloris Leachman
Mrs Costello
Mildred Natwick
Mrs Walker
Eileen Brennan
Mr Giovanelli
Duilio Del Prete
Randolph C. Miller
James McMurtry
Nicholas Jones
George Morfogen
Hotel Receptionist Vevey
Jean-Pascal Bongard
Albert Messmer
Maurizio Lucci
Mrs Walker’s Butler
Tom Felleghy
Punch & Judy
Luigi Gabellone

Peter Bogdanovich