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Death Journey (1976)

Fearful that their star witness might be murdered, two attorneys hire a protector to bring him from Los Angeles to New York.

Jesse Crowder (Fred Williamson) is a no-nonsense tough guy. He buddies up with the witness, an accountant, and they hit the road.

Outwitting their foes means taking all manner of conveyance, including car, train, and aeroplane. At every turn, Crowder and the witness face a variety of attacks, including gunfire and knife-wielding villains.

At ease with the ladies, Crowder manages the entire journey with shirt unbuttoned and stogie clenched firmly in his teeth.


Jesse Crowder
Fred Williamson
Bernard Kirby
DA Virgil Riley
Art Maier
Assistant DA Jonas
Lou Bedford
Ed Kovins
Jack Rosewald
Patrick McCullough
Detective Johnson
Sam Coppola
Detective Don
D’Urville Martin
Heidi Dobbs
Stephanie Faulkner

Fred Williamson