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Death Line (1972)

In this highly recommended horror movie, reactionary cop Donald Pleasence investigates mysterious disappearances in the London Underground and makes the startling discovery that a colony of cannibals has existed in the creepy tunnels since a Victorian cave-in disaster.

At the film’s bloody heart is Hugh Armstrong’s remarkably nuanced performance as ‘The Man’, the last remaining descendant of Victorian railway workers buried alive during construction work a century earlier.

Chicagoan Gary Sherman has never directed a better film than this grisly frightener (his directorial debut) which provides dark scares while presenting an effective commentary on violence.

Considered strong stuff in its day, this criminally underrated slice of British horror manages to be eerie, touching, melancholy and imaginative to a degree rarely seen in the genre.

Released in some countries under the title Raw Meat.

Inspector Colquhoun
Donald Pleasence
Christopher Lee
Detective Rogers
Norman Rossington
Alex Campbell
David Ladd
Patricia Wilson
Sharon Gurney
James Cossins
The Man
Hugh Armstrong
The man’s wife
June Turner
Policewoman Alice Marshall
Heather Stoney
Dr Bacon
Hugh Dickson
Inspector Richardson
Clive Swift

Gary Sherman