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Die Screaming Marianne (1971)

Marianne (Susan George) is a go-go dancer and the daughter of a corrupt judge (Leo Genn) who is living in exile in Portugal with her rather nasty sister Hildegard (Judy Huxtable).

The judge divorced Marianne’s mother, who later died, leaving both her cash and some dirt on her father in a Swiss bank account for Marianne.

The judge wants the code to the account but doesn’t want his daughter harmed. Hildegard wants Marianne dead.

After one lucky escape in continental Europe, Marianne escapes with passing driver Sebastian (Christopher Sandford), starting a fling with him in London which leads to a rushed marriage ceremony.

But doubts arise about him at the altar – and she ‘accidentally’ marries the best man Eli (Barry Evans). Just as well – it turns out that Sebastian is as crooked as the judge and Hildegard, with whom he happens to be on very friendly terms.

With no marriage and his bride-to-be living with the best man, Sebastian heads to Portugal, where he is charged with bringing Marianne and Eli to the judge’s Euro hideaway.

Susan George
Eli Frome
Barry Evans
Sebastian Smith
Christopher Sandford
Judy Huxtable
The Judge
Leo Genn
Kenneth Hendel
Portuguese Police Detective
Paul Stassino
Sloopy’s Manager
Alan Curtis
Anthony Sharp

Pete Walker