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Disco Godfather (1979)

Retired cop Tucker Williams (comedian Rudy Ray Moore) becomes a celebrity DJ – the Disco Godfather – at the Blueberry Hill disco.

All is well until his student basketball-star nephew Bucky (Julius Carry) flips out on angel dust (PCP) and the Disco Godfather vows to personally “come down on the suckers that’s producing this shit!”

He takes to the streets, visits a hospital ward where a PCP victim has a flashback to when she roasted and served her baby for dinner, slaps drug dealers (he’s also a kung-fu expert) and exposes a crooked cop that is covering for the dealers. This puts pressure on the chief dealer, Stinger Ray (James A. Hawthorne).

In between, Tucker still finds time to manage the Blueberry Hill and perform. “Put a little slide in yo’ glide,” he pleads to the patrons, “Put some weight on it!”

Many of the actors deliver their lines directly to the camera and most of the cast struggle with their lines – including Moore, who spends much of the film with squinted eyes (showing how deep and serious his character is) or with his eyes popping out and his mouth open as wide as possible.

This is taken to an extreme during the finale where the bad guys have strapped a gas mask to Tucker’s face forcing him to breathe in angel dust fumes.

A skeleton walks, eyes light up, a cartoon demon appears, and a witch cuts off Bucky’s hands. There’s an exorcism, a doctor prescribes shock treatments, and gangsters snort coke off the cover of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album!


Also released as The Avenging Disco Godfather and simply, Avenging Godfather.

Tucker Williams
Rudy Ray Moore
Carol Speed
Jimmy Lynch
Dr Fred Mathis
Jerry Jones
Mrs Edwards
Lady Reed
Stinger Ray
James H. Hawthorne
Lt. Frank Hayes
Frank Finn
Julius Carry

J. Robert Wagoner