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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)

1930s superman and international adventurer Doc Savage (Ron Ely) is a paragon of mental, moral, and physical perfection who fights crime from his gadget-filled headquarters inside the Empire State Building.

Bronzed and handsome, he’s the world’s smartest man, he can dodge a bullet, climb up a wall like a human fly, stay underwater for eight minutes, smash through an inch-thick steel door with a single punch, and take on anything up to a hundred armed men at the same time with his bare hands.


He is assisted by “the Amazing Five”: Monk, the world’s greatest chemist (Michael Miller); Ham, the smartest lawyer ever to graduate from Harvard (Darrell Zwerling); Renny, a civil engineer without equal (Bill Lucking); Long Tom, who is unequalled as an electrical engineer (Paul Gleason) and Johnny, the world’s greatest geologist (Eldon Quick).

Together, they head to the tiny and remote South American republic of Hidalgo to investigate the murder of Doc’s father, a saintly missionary who uncovered a scheme to rob a native tribe of its riches.

The maniacal Captain Seas (Paul Wexler) tries to thwart Doc and his team at every turn as they uncover a bottomless lake of gold in the legendary Valley of the Vanished.

In the title role, Ron Ely is physically impressive—he played Tarzan in the 1960s TV series – though his performance style is closer to posing than acting.

Based on the Kenneth Robeson comic strip character.

Doc Savage
Ron Ely
Long Tom
Paul Gleason
Bill Lucking
Michael Miller
Eldon Quick
Darrell Zwerling
Captain Seas
Paul Wexler
Janice Heiden
Robyn Hilton
Pamela Hensley
Don Rubio Gorro
Bob Corso
Carlos Rivas
Chuy Franco
Alberto Morin
Chief Chaac
Victor Millan
Colonel Ramirez
Jorge Cervera Jr
El Presidente
Frederico Roberto
Scott Walker

Michael Anderson