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Doll Squad, The (1973)

‘The Doll Squad’ is a specially trained group of women who kick butt for the American government.

When a NASA rocket is blown-up after takeoff, the CIA calls in The Doll Squad to find out who’s behind the sabotage and put a stop to it.

To do this, the women must infiltrate a secret and heavily guarded island belonging to Eamon O’Reilly (Michael Ansara), an ex-CIA agent turned would-be world dominator.

The squad comprises feisty Sabrina Kincaid (ravishing redhead Francine York), exotic dancer Lavella Sumara (voluptuous Tura Satana), Olympic swimmer Sharon O’Connor (slender blonde Leigh Christian) and psychiatrist Elizabeth White (foxy brunette Judy McConnell).


Popping up in supporting roles are Anthony Eisley as smooth CIA head honcho Victor Connelly, John Carter as the worried Senator Stockwell, Lisa Todd as Eamon’s enticing mistress Maria, Rafael Campos as twitchy junkie flunky Rafael, William Bagdad as brutish henchman Joseph, and Herb Robins as nasty hit-man Munson.

The film is packed with action from start to finish; machine-gun-toting babes, girls high-kicking men in the face, an array of ludicrous gadgetry, bad guys who blow up after drinking explosive vodka, an evil character who has his face set on fire by a cigarette lighter flame thrower and an undercover agent who is unmasked in hilarious Scooby-Doo style fashion.

And for some reason, the bad guys travel around in cars sitting on the bonnets, while the Doll Squad navigate the rough terrain of the island in high-heeled boots.

Everything is accompanied by the most 70’s soundtrack ever recorded.

Released in some markets as Seduce and Destroy, this highly entertaining action flick is from the legendary Ted V Mikels, director of The Astro Zombies and The Corpse Grinders.

Eamon O’Reilly
Michael Ansara
Sabrina Kincaid
Francine York
Victor Connelly
Anthony Eisley
Senator Stockwell
John Carter
Lisa Todd
Rafael Campos
Nancy Malone
Lillian Garrett
William Bagdad
Herb Robins
Capt. Curran
Curt Matson
Mr Cahaymen
Bertil Unger
Dr Cahaymen
Gustaf Unger

Ted V. Mikels