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Dominique (1978)

Based on the 1948 short story What Beckoning Ghost by Harold Lawlor, Dominique stars Cliff Robertson as a businessman named David Ballard.

Ballard lives in England with his rich wife Dominique (Jean Simmons). It is Dominique who has inherited wealth. She is the one keeping his business afloat and paying the gas bill.

Ballard wants to get rid of his wife so he can get his greedy paws on her money and has been playing tricks on Dominique to make her go insane.

Ballard makes Dominique think the house is haunted and employs various tricks to make her begin to question her sanity.

The diabolical scheme works in the end. Dominique commits suicide by hanging herself in the conservatory and Ballard is happy because he now has her money.

She then begins to apparently haunt him from the grave and now Ballard is the one who has to question his sanity.

Although the story is highly derivative, the direction is competent and there are several familiar faces in the cast, including Simon Ward (as Ballard’s streetwise young Chauffeur), Ron Moody, Jenny Agutter, Judy Geeson, Leslie Dwyer, David Tomlinson, and Jack Warner.

David Ballard
Cliff Robertson
Dominique Ballard
Jean Simmons
Ann Ballard
Jenny Agutter
Tony Calvert
Simon Ward
Dr Rogers
Ron Moody
Marjorie Craven
Judy Geeson
Arnold Craven
Michael Jayston
Mrs Davis
Flora Robson
David Tomlinson
Jack Warner
Cemetery Supervisor
Leslie Dwyer
Ballard’s Secretary
Jan Holden
S.T. Reeve
Brian Hayes
Vicar at Funeral
Michael Nightingale

Michael Anderson