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Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something! (1974)

British Government Minister Sir William Mainwaring-Brown (Leslie Phillips) puts forward a controversial bill to battle filth in the UK – but that doesn’t stop him having an affair with both his secretary, Miss Parkyn (Joanna Lumley) – whose motive is to persuade Sir William to award lucrative government contracts to her father’s sausage-manufacturing business – and Wendy (Anita Graham), the wife of a star reporter.

Opponents to the bill – mainly some hippy girls, lead by Johnny (Derek Griffiths) – kidnap the Minister’s deputy, best friend and co-founder of the bill, Barry Ovis (Brian Rix), just as he is getting married to his fiancée, Jean (Myra Frances).

Barry escapes, just before the police raid the hippies’ hiding place – as part of a set-up to claim that Ovis was in an orgy and get the bill defeated – and dashes back to Jean’s flat followed by Inspector Ruff (Peter Bland), who is investigating the kidnap and Damina (Katy Manning), one of the hippies.

Meanwhile, the Minister is also trying to use the flat to carry on his affairs with both Wendy and Miss Parkyn.

The Minister, Barry and Joan try to keep the truth from Ruff, old and honest MP Wilfred Potts (Derek Royle), the Minister’s nagging wife, Birdie (Joan Sims) and stop the hippies.

Hilarity ensues in typical stage farce style.

The film was spun off into a TV comedy series called Men of Affairs the same year.

Leslie Phillips had other commitments and was unable to take part so his part was played by Warren Mitchell in the sitcom.

Sir William Mainwaring-Brown MP
Leslie Phillips
Barry Ovis
Brian Rix
Birdie Mainwaring-Brown
Joan Sims
Miss Giselle Parkyn
Joanna Lumley
Wilfred Potts
Derek Royle
Inspector Ruff
Peter Bland
Myra Frances
Katy Manning
Police Sergeant
Barrie Gosney
Diane Langton
Nicola Rowley
Derek Griffiths
Anita Graham
Harvey Hall
Arnold Diamond
Principal Bridesmaid
Louisa Martin
TV Chairman
Aubrey Woods
Corbet Woodall
Attorney General
Peter Cellier
1st Party Guest
Peter Greenwell
Elderly Lady
Gabrielle Daye
Country Yokel
David Battley

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