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Don’t Look in the Basement (1973)

This cheesy 1973 Drive-In film begins with attractive and homely Nurse Charlotte Beale (Rosie Holotik, Playboy playmate for April 1972) arriving at the isolated Stephens Sanitarium to work, only to learn that Dr Stephens (Michael Harvey) was murdered by one of the patients and his successor, Geraldine Masters (Annabelle Weenick), is not very eager to take on new staff.

Charlotte finds her job extremely difficult as the patients – including lobotomised gentle giant Sam (Bill McGhee), desperate-for-love nymphomaniac Allyson (Betty Chandler), Vietnam vet Sgt. Jaffee (Hugh Feagin), psychotic 6ft 250-pound judge Oliver W. Cameron (Gene Ross) and possessive “mother” Harriet (Camilla Carr) – are allowed to roam free around the hospital and torment and harasses her at every turn.

Charlotte ultimately learns why Dr Masters is so eager to keep outsiders out in a totally deranged climax.

Filmed on the grounds of Westminster College in Tehuacana, Texas, Director S F Brownrigg shot the film in 12 days on a budget of less than $100,000. The UK cinema version was cut to remove a closeup shot of an axe blow to a woman’s body and the film later found itself on the banned list of video nasties.

Nurse Charlotte Beale
Rosie Holotik
Geraldine S. Masters
Annabelle Weenick (Anne MacAdams)
Bill McGhee
Jane St Claire
Jessie Lee Fulton
Ray Daniels
Robert Dracup
Jennifer D
Harryette Warren
Jessie Kirby
Sgt. Jaffee
Hugh Feagin
Allyson King
Betty Chandler
Camilla Carr
Judge Oliver W. Cameron
Gene Ross
Mrs Callingham
Rhea MacAdams
Dr Stephens
Michael Harvey

S.F. Brownrigg