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Dracula AD 1972 (1972)

This ill-conceived attempt at updating Dracula sees the vampire (once again played by Christopher Lee) materialise in swinging London. He looks sorely out of place in a world full of women in mini-skirts and men in flowery shirts.


The story follows the escapades of a group of teenagers (none of whom look a day under 30) who like to gatecrash posh houses and stage parties until the occupants call the fuzz and everybody makes a run for it.

With the assistance of a Satanist called Johnny Alucard (spell it backwards) the group manage to resurrect the dead Count in a desanctified church in Chelsea.

Unfortunately, from here on, the story resorts entirely to formula, with Jessica Van Helsing (the sexy Stephanie Beecham) now predictably in peril and the climax only a stake away.

Christopher Neame is charismatically evil as Johnny Alucard, who also becomes a vampire in order to carry out Dracula’s revenge. Caroline Munro, Marsha Hunt and Janet Key all add sex appeal and Philip Miller is tolerable as Jessica’s beau, Bob.

Salvation arrives in the customary form of Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) to prevent Dracula from taking his revenge on young Jessica, and the final showdown between the two longstanding enemies proves to be splendid stuff.

Count Dracula
Christopher Lee
Professor Van Helsing

Peter Cushing
Jessica Van Helsing

Stephanie Beacham
Inspector Murray

Michael Coles
Johnny Alucard

Christopher Neame
Gaynor Keating

Marsha A. Hunt
Laura Jane Barrows

Caroline Munro
Anna Bryant

Janet Key
Joe Mitchum

William Ellis
Bob Tarrant

Philip Miller
Greg Puller

Michael Kitchen

Alan Gibson