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Driver, The (1978)

Cold, ruthless and utterly professional, The Driver (Ryan O’Neal) is the best getaway man in the business.

The Detective (Bruce Dern) is tough, determined and equally professional. And he’s determined to get his man.

In this brilliantly made thriller, O’Neal and Dern play characters on opposite sides of the law – each with a sneaking admiration for the other, and each determined to win.

The Driver
Ryan O’Neal
The Detective
Bruce Dern
The Player
Isabelle Adjani
The Connection
Ronee Blakley
Red Plainclothesman
Matt Clark
Gold Plainclothesman
Felice Orlandi
Joseph Walsh
Rudy Ramos
Exchange Man
Denny Macko
The Kid
Frank Bruno
Will Walker
Sandy Brown Wyeth
Tara King

Walter Hill