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Dynamite Brothers, The (1974)

Chinese man Larry Chin (former 70’s Golden Harvest matinee kung-fu star Alan Tang) sneaks into America to locate his missing brother and ends up meeting Stud Brown (Timothy Brown), a young black man who decides to help him.

The two head to Los Angeles where they run into various drug dealers as well as a crooked cop (Aldo Ray).

The storyline makes very little sense and the movie is technically very poorly made, mixing elements of every other blaxploitation and martial arts film from this period. But there are enough fight scenes, car chases, and overall craziness to almost make up for that.


This (obviously) low budget film from Al Adamson (one of the first US directors to use a Hong Kong Stunt team in America) was released in some markets as East Meet Watts, Stud Brown and Killing of a Chinese Bookie.

Larry Chin
Alan Tang
Stud Brown
Timothy Brown
Tuen (Wei Chin)
James Hong
Lt. Burke
Aldo Ray
Wei Chin
James Hong
The Smiling Man
Don Oliver
Al Richardson
Carol Speed
Betty Fon
Clare Nono
Kung Fat
Richard Lee-Sung
Chu Lin
Margo Hope
Tuen’s Bodyguard
Lung Chan
Tuen’s Henchman
Ching-Ying Lam