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End Play (1976)

Mark (John Waters) and Robbie Gifford (George Mallaby) are dysfunctional siblings whose relationship is further strained by the fact that Mark has a secret blood lust for petite blonde hitchhikers.

As wheelchair-bound paraplegic Robbie begins to suspect his brother, he is torn helping his brother (the only family he has left) and assisting the police force he despises so intensely, headed by the inquisitive Superintendent Cheadle (Ken Goodlet).

The pace of this Australian production is slow and ponderous and the acting is poor. On the bright side, it’s only 80-minutes long. Oh, and there’s Delvene Delaney (although she’s dead for 90% of the film).

Robert Gifford
George Mallaby
Mark Gifford
John Waters
Superintendent Cheadle
Ken Goodlet
Janine Talbort
Delvene Delaney
Dr Fairburn
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell
Margaret Gifford
Belinda Giblin
Sgt. Robinson
Robert Hewett
Charlie Bricknell
Kevin Miles
Stanley Lipton
Walter Pym
Mavis Lipton
Sheila Florance
TV Newscaster
Barry McQueen
TV Reporter
Reg Gorman
Andrew Gifford
Adrian Wright
Jan Friedl
Robbie as a Child
John Lamond Jr

Tim Burstall