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End Of The Road (1970)

It’s possible that a trillion years from now, a visiting alien will open a time capsule and alight upon a can of film containing this movie. After ten minutes, he’ll switch it off and say to his alien comrade, “fancy a beer, mate?” For few movies are as boringly awful as this one.

Co-produced and co-written by 1960s satirist Terry Southern – the man who put the laughs into Dr Strangelove (1963) and the yawns into The Magic Christian (1969) – it’s a counterculture affair with psychedelic trips, mental illness and a graphic message about abortion.

Everyone looks stoned out of their minds and tends to cavort about naked.

Jake Horner
Stacy Keach
Joe Morgan
Harris Yulin
Rennie Morgan
Dorothy Tristan
Doctor D
James Earl Jones
Peggie Rankin
Grayson Hall
Dr Carter
Graham Jarvis
Miss Banning
June Hutchinson
Sniper Man/Mrs Dockey
Ray Brock
School Man
James Coco
Dog Man
Oliver Clark
Chicken Man
Joel Oppenheimer

Aram Avakian