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Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1970)

A lonely well-matured suburban nymphomaniac (Beryl Reid) and her closeted gay brother (Harry Andrews) get more than they expected when they invite blonde and beautiful young rogue, Sloane (Peter McEnery) into their lives.

They take him in as a lodger and turn the other cheek when he murders their father, “the Dadda” (Alan Webb).

Both blackmail Sloane by threatening to tell the police what happened unless he consents to make up an outlandish ménage-a-trois in which he becomes a prisoner of desire.

Adapted from acclaimed playwright Joe Orton’s controversial play, director Douglas Hickox brings to the screen a mixture of murder, homosexuality, nymphomania and sadism cloaked in the blackest of comedy.

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Joe Orton’s claustrophobic black comedy – which first appeared in 1964 – retains an underlying degree of pathos but its transition to the screen proves to be an uneven and inevitably stagy affair.

Beryl Reid gives a memorable performance as Kath, the wanton, flabby, middle-aged arch nymphet hazily pining for a lost love. Andrews, an actor best known for playing stiff-upper-lip types in war and adventure dramas, plays very much against type as Ed, the predatory brother, dressing Sloane up as a leather queen’s fantasy when he employs the younger man as his chauffeur.

Beryl Reid

Harry Andrews
Mr Sloane

Peter McEnery

Alan Webb

Douglas Hickox