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Every Home Should Have One (1970)

This British Lion film was manic comedian Marty Feldman’s first starring role after his appearance in Richard Lester’s The Bed Sitting Room (1969). The determinedly zany script (by Feldman, Barry Took and Dennis Norden) gives him plenty of opportunities to display his brand of Jerry Lewis-style mugging.

Advertising man Teddy Brown (Feldman) is married to Liz (Judy Cornwell). They have an angelic 11-year-old son, Richard (Garry Miller), who collects the au pair’s knickers in his stamp album.

Teddy – elegantly dressed by Mr Fish – is charged with devising an advertising campaign to make McLaughlin’s Frozen Porridge “sexy” when his incompetence is mistaken for genius by his boss.

Liz, meanwhile, is working away on a Clean Up TV Committee in the company of the trendy Reverend Geoffrey Mellish (Dinsdale Landen).

While Liz is away for a conference at Harrogate (though being a good girl she never gets there), Teddy – influenced by an obnoxious American colleague (Shelley Berman) – finds himself in bed with Inga, the au pair (the stunning Julie Ege).

From here on the misunderstandings are pretty predictable and it all ends up in a Marx Brothers-style romp in – of course – a television studio and Teddy, Liz and knicker-mad Richard are reconciled.

There are some nice bits of 1950s-ish satire, notably a sequence from a lugubrious Swedish movie with Feldman and Ege capering about naked in the Surrey bracken; a dig at silent films; an Alan Bennett-like sermon; and pro-censorship politician Wallace Trufitt (Patrick Cargill) hiding a collection of whips, chains and other BDSM ephemera in his sitting room cupboard.

The animated sequences from Richard Williams are superb.

Released in some markets as Think Dirty.

Teddy Brown
Marty Feldman
Judy Cornwell
Garry Miller
Nat Kaplan
Shelley Berman
Mrs Kaplan
Hy Hazell
Julie Ege
Penelope Keith
Moray Watson
Jack Watson
Mark Elwes
Harold Innocent
Rev. Geoffrey Mellish
Dinsdale Landen
Col. Belper
John McKelvey
Arthur Soames
Charles Lewsen
Hetty Soames
Maggie Jones
Wallace Trufitt MP
Patrick Cargill

Jim Clark