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Eyewitness (1970)

Witnessing the brutal murder of a visiting President in Malta, young Ziggy (Mark Lester of Oliver! fame) – who is known for telling tall tales – claims the assassins (Peter Vaughan and Peter Bowles) are now hunting him.

Ziggy and his older sister, Pippa (Susan George),  escape numerous attacks and are aided by their eccentric grandfather (Lionel Jeffries) and young stranger, Tom (Tony Bonner).

The film has a beautifully picturesque Mediterranean backdrop and Susan George is also easy on the eyes, as always.

Released in some markets as Sudden Terror.

Mark Lester
Lionel Jeffries
Susan George
Inspector Galleria
Jeremy Kemp
Paul Grazzini
Peter Vaughan
Tom Jones
Tony Bonner
Madame Robiac
Betty Marsden
Victor Grazzini
Peter Bowles
Police Sgt
Joseph Fürst
Lt. Tacharie
Anthony Stamboulieh
Maxine Kalli

John Hough