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Fabulous Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The (1979)

A clever animated fable about the titular Baron who lives in a castle and delights in entertaining his friends with tall stories of derring-do.

When the Baron is summoned to the presence of the King of Trukesban he meets five amazing men on the journey.

Sent on a mission by the King, his companions are able to help him in his various adventures – for instance, when his sailing ship is swallowed by a gigantic whale, one huffs and puffs until they are free.

Director Jean Image shows a real fantasy world, one to which composer Michael Legrand adds the music and songs.

This 78-minute French film (originally released as Les fabuleuses aventures du légendaire Baron de Munchausen) was dubbed into English so skilfully that viewers would never know it had been.

Baron von Munchausen
Dominique Paturel
Other voices
Michel Elias
Georges Atlas
René Bériard
Maurice Chevit
Maurice Ducasse
Christian Duvaleix
Jacques Ferrière
Olivier Hussenot
Francine Laine
Serge Lhorca
Michel Modo
Jacques Marin
Serge Nadaud
Alexandre Rignault

Jean Image