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Fairy Tales (1978)

This R-rated spoof of classic fairy tale characters begins when the Prince (Don Sparks) turns 21 and discovers he must sire an heir or lose his kingdom. Unfortunately, he is unable to “perform” so his learned advisers – his “sex-perts” if you will – send him to the land of the fairies to seek a cure.

He first meets Little Bo Peep (Angela Aames) who attempts to help him with his problem but fails miserably. She recommends the Prince visit the old lady who lives in a shoe – she’ll know what to do . . .

Turns out the shoe is a brothel run by ‘old lady’ Gussie Gander (Brenda Fogarty), where Snow White (Anne Gaybis) is a working girl who spends her days bonking the seven dwarfs.

The rest of the film takes place primarily in the show, with jokes, bad sex puns, and more nudity and sex.

After encounters with Old King Cole, Sheherazade (Nai Bonet), the Frog Prince (Lee Arries), and Sirus the Pimp (Sy Richardson), the Prince finally comes face to face with his dream girl, a beautiful sleeping virgin (80s scream queen Linnea Quigley in her first feature role).

The Prince wakes his dream girl, consummates their relationship and saves the kingdom.  She moves in with him at his palace and they all live happily ever after.

All the woman in Fairy Tales are young and beautiful and take off their clothes for no real reason at all. What’s not to love? The music and songs are also excellent.

Ex-Vandellas star Martha Reeves appears in the film (as a voodoo practitioner) singing a great song. Reeves was apparently unaware that she was appearing in an adult film until she took members of her church to see it.

Don Sparks
Sirus the Pimp
Sy Richardson
Dr Eyes
Irwin Corey
Dr Ears
Robert Harris
Dr Mustachio
Simmy Bow
Doorman (Tommy Tucker)
Robert Staats
Aunt La Voh
Martha Reeves
Gussie Gander
Brenda Fogarty
Frank Ray Perilli
Angelo Rossitto
King Cole
Bob Leslie
Jeff Doucette
Lindsay Freeman
Nai Bonet
Little Bo Peep
Angela Aames
Snow White
Anne Gaybis
Frog Prince
Lee Arries
Ugly Sleeping Beauty
Fred Deni
Dream Girl Sleeping Beauty
Linnea Quigley
Peeping Tom
Moose Carlson
King’s Messenger
Michael Hardin
Queen / Mirror Image
Sherri Bragg
Little Red Riding Hood
Melinda Utal

Harry Hurwitz (Harry Tampa)