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Felicity (1978)

17-year-old Felicity Robinson (played by unknown Canadian actress Glory Annen) lives at the Willows End Ladies College in Australia, where she finds herself uncontrollably turned on by watching her classmates in the showers or being spied upon by horny local boys and groundskeepers.


The only way to live out her sexual fantasies is together with her girlfriend Jenny (Jody Hanson). But then Felicity (pictured at right) receives an invitation to visit her older sister in Hong Kong and can’t wait to finally do the real thing.

She travels to China, where she is shown the sights (and the nightlife) by a young Asian woman called Me Ling (Penthouse playmate Joni Flynn who went on to play a Bond Girl in 1983 in Octopussy ).

So begins Felicity’s journey of sex and self-discovery – heavily inspired by Emmanuelle (1974).

After plenty of soft-core sex scenes Felicity eventually meets nice guy Miles (Christopher Milne) and discovers that, while sex itself is great, it’s much better when it’s with someone you love.

Director John Lamond made Felicty for just $170,000.

Felicity Robinson
Glory Annen
Christopher Milne
Me Ling
Joni Flynn
Jody Hanson
Marilyn Rodgers
Gordon Charles
Adrian/Peeping Tom Gardener
John Michael Howson
David Bradshaw
Mr Jacobs
Charles Gilroy
Christine Calcutt
Bathhouse girl 1
Angela Menzies
Bathhouse girl 2
Sarah Lee

John D. Lamond