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Feminist and the Fuzz, The (1971)

This 1971 ABC TV-movie revolved around a feminist doctor (Barbara Eden) and a male chauvinist cop (David Hartman) who become roommates in San Francisco.

The cast also included Jo Anne Worley, Julie Newmar, Harry Morgan and Penny Marshall, with Farrah Fawcett in a small part as a Playboy bunny.

feministandthefuzz4 feministandthefuzz6

Dr Jane Bowers
Barbara Eden
Officer Jerry Frazer
David Hartman
Dr Debby Inglefinger
Jo Anne Worley
Wyatt Foley
Herb Edelman
Kitty Murdock
Farrah Fawcett
Warren Sorensen
John McGiver
Dr Horace Bowers
Harry Morgan
Lilah McGuinness
Julie Newmar
Dr Howard Lassiter
Roger Perry
Arthur Batanides

Jerry Paris