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Fog, The (1979)

In the Northern Californian coastal town of Antonio Bay, tales are told of a century-old shipwreck which occurred in very dense fog and the prophesied return of vengeance-seeking sailors.

As the citizens are about to celebrate the town’s centennial, Father Malone (Hal Holbrook) finds an old journal explaining that the town’s honoured founders were thieves and murderers, which justifies the local legends.

At the same time, a mysterious glowing fog rolls in from the sea towards the town.

Tense and occasionally gruesome, The Fog is always tense and often unnerving, and another illustration of why John Carpenter is known as one of the champions of the scary movie.

Sticking in Jamie Lee Curtis, hot from Halloween and paying homage to the likes of Night of the Living Dead and Invaders from Mars meant that John Carpenter was taking the film The Fog pretty seriously from day one. And it shows.

This is definitely a film to watch late at night with all the lights off.

Stevie Wayne
Adrienne Barbeau
Elizabeth Solley
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mr Machen
John Houseman
Kathy Williams
Janet Leigh
Father Malone
Hal Holbrook
Nick Castle
Tom Atkins
Sandy Fadel
Nancy Loomis
Dan O’Bannon
Charles Cyphers
Al Williams
John Goff
Andy Wayne
Ty Mitchell
Tommy Wallace
George ‘Buck’ Flower
Jay Jacobs
Sheriff Simms
John Vick
Dick Baxter
James Canning
Mrs Kobritz
Regina Waldon
Mel Sloan
Darrow Igus
Bill Taylor
Hank Jones, Dockmaster
Jim Haynie
Fred Franklyn
Rob Bottin
Blake’s Voice
Charles Nicklin
Dr Phibes
Darwin Joston

John Carpenter