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Force 10 From Navarone (1978)

This routine (albeit much belated) sequel to The Guns Of Navarone (1961) has British commandos Mallory (now played by Robert Shaw in Gregory Peck’s old role) and Miller (Edward Fox replacing David Niven from the original film) heading into Yugoslavia to kill a dangerous double agent embedded there with rebel forces.

For reasons that are never particularly clear,  the duo hooks up with “Force 10” – a crack squad of American soldiers led by Colonel Barnsby (Harrison Ford, fresh from hyper-stardom in Star Wars), whose mission is to blow up a bridge in order to thwart the Nazis.

Upon arrival in Yugoslavia, Mallory and Miller must track the shifting allegiances of a monstrous Yugoslavian (Richard Kiel), a beautiful rebel fighter (Barbara Bach), and the man who may or may not be their assassination target (Franco Nero).

Director Guy Hamilton’s uninspired movie begins with the climax of the earlier film, then spends an inordinate amount of time before reaching its own explosive finale. Fans of the James Bond series (and The Spy Who Loved Me, in particular) may recognise Barbara Bach and Richard “Jaws” Kiel in supporting roles.

Robert Shaw
Colonel Barnsby
Harrison Ford
Edward Fox
Barbara Bach
Franco Nero
Sergeant Weaver
Carl Weathers
Richard Kiel
Angus MacInnes
Michael Byrne
Alan Badel

Guy Hamilton