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Foxy Brown (1974)

“Foxy’s in town, so gather ’round and watch a real shake down. ‘Cause she’s got drive and that ain’t jive. She don’t bother to bring ’em back alive!”

After a narcotics gang kills her drug-dealing brother, Link (Antonio Fargas – Huggy Bear from TV’s Starsky And Hutch) and her cop boyfriend Michael Anderson (Terry Carter), vengeful Soul Sister Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) poses as a prostitute to destroy the mob – As the posters said, “She’s the meanest chick in town”.

We never find out what Foxy’s day job is, but in her spare time, she’s a “black belt in barstools” with a fine line in revealing outfits and an afro you can hide a gun in.


Foxy is caught out and sent off to “the farm” to be force-fed heroin before being sold off to sex slavery.

She is tortured and repeatedly raped by two odd white characters and tied to a bed with a growing addiction in the middle of nowhere.

There’s only one way out and that’s flicking the razor blade used to cut the heroin into her mouth, using it to cut her ropes, pulling together a make-shift weapon from some coat hangers that rip the eye out of one abuser allowing her to immolate the second and make her escape in their car.

Foxy then enlists the aid of a local black power defence movement to mount an audacious attack on the syndicate’s mansion. Baddies are liquidised by propellers, tables are turned and one character has his manhood removed.

An ultra-violent Coffy (1973) sequel, but not one of Blaxploitation queen Grier’s better efforts. You can see why Quentin Tarantino was so keen to make Jackie Brown (1997) for her 20 years later, though.

Foxy Brown
Pam Grier
Steve Elias
Peter Brown
Michael Anderson
Terry Carter
Katherine Wall
Kathryn Loder
Judge Fenton
Harry Holcombe
Link Brown
Antonio Fargas
Sid Haig
Juanita Brown
Sally Ann Stroud
Bob Minor
Tony Giorgio
Fred Lerner
Judith Cassmore
H.B. Haggerty
Boyd ‘Red’ Morgan

Jack Hill