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Games That Lovers Play (1971)

This 70s “sex comedy” stars the luscious Joanna Lumley, from The New Avengers and Absolutely Fabulous

Aged 24 at the time, and with only three bit parts behind her, Joanna was more than prepared to strip off and appear in various states of (un)dress. What more could you ask for?

Two prostitutes attempt to seduce the most unlikely prospect in a competition between two rival high-class madams – Mrs Hill (Diane Hart) and Lady Evelyn (Nan Munro).

Her ladyship’s cross-dressing cousin, Jonathan Chatterley (Jeremy Lloyd,) is set as the challenge for Fanny Hill (Lumley) to overcome whilst Fanny’s competitor, Constance Chatterley (Penny Brahms) has to work with a Bishop (John Gatrell).

Constance succeeds with the clergyman and Fanny sets about her rather more difficult task by pretending to be a transsexual. Cousin Jonathan is eventually taken in and it’s 1-1 after round one.

The stakes are raised as the girls are tasked with seducing Mr Lothran (Richard Wattis), an antique collector who seems more enamoured with people than objects. The girls move into his apartment block and begin to charm him.

Apparently quite embarrassed about this movie nowadays, the future Patsy Stone got her big break in this cheery sex-com.

Fanny Hill
Joanna Lumley
Constance Chatterley
Penny Brahms
Mr Lothran
Richard Wattis
Jonathan Chatterley
Jeremy Lloyd
Mrs Hill
Diane Hart
Lady Evelyn Chatterley
Nan Munro

Malcolm Leigh