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Ghoul, The (1974)

Two bored couples at a party decide to have a car race to the coast, but one car runs out of fuel, leaving Billy (Stewart Bevan) to set off to find fuel while Daphne (Veronica Carlson) is picked up by Tom (John Hurt), the gardener from a nearby country manor.

With their competition missing in action, the other couple – Geoffrey (Ian McCulloch) and Angela (Alexandra Bastedo) – come back on the hunt for them.

The sprawling mansion at the centre of the action is owned by former-priest Dr Lawrence (Peter Cushing) who has recently returned from India with his Indian housekeeper, Ayah (Gwen Watford) and a very dark secret – the “ghoul” in the attic (played by Don Henderson, better known as 80s TV detective Bulman) who is actually the Doctor’s crazed, cannibalistic adult son, who acquired his savage tastes in India during his father’s missionary work there.

The film – produced by Tyburn Films – was set in the 1920s to take advantage of the sets built for The Great Gatsby which were still standing on the Pinewood backlot.

Released in some markets as Night of the Ghoul and The Thing in the Attic.

Doctor Lawrence
Peter Cushing
Tom Rawlings
John Hurt
Alexandra Bastedo
Gwen Watford
Veronica Carlson
The Ghoul
Don Henderson
Ian McCulloch
Stewart Bevan
Young Man
John D. Collins
Police Sergeant
Dan Meaden

Freddie Francis