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Girls Are for Loving (1973)

The third and final film in the “Ginger” trilogy (following Ginger and The Abductors) once more stars Cheri Caffaro in the titular role, written and directed by her husband Don Schain.

Uncharismatic, uninhibited, and untalented, the extremely blonde and extremely tall Caffaro spent the duration of the three-movie series giving stilted line deliveries while acting the role of a wealthy socialite who moonlights as a private detective. That is, when she wasn’t performing the function of a porn actress by participating in highly realistic (and yet spectacularly unerotic) sex scenes.

Girls Are For Loving represents Schain’s boldest attempt to date at mimicking the 007 formula, and the film’s story is as convoluted and twisty as the narrative of any Bond film.

In the first ten minutes, criminals parachute into the grounds surrounding a ski lodge, kidnap a high-ranking diplomat, and rape and murder the woman of the house, concluding the whole enterprise with an explosion.

The mysterious group want information about the “Asian-American Trade Alliance” the diplomat is in the process of negotiating. When they discover he doesn’t have the intel they want, they murder him anyway and then set their sights on a higher level diplomat named James L Whitney III” (Scott Ellsworth) who will now take responsibility for negotiating the trade pact.

Discovering that Whitney is now a potential target, the CIA turns to Ginger McAllister (Caffaro) to stay with him night and day in order to protect him.

It’s all very low-budget, to be sure, but it’s better than what came before, and Ginger has a proper adversary this time around, in the shape of the vicious Ronnie St. Clair (Sheila Leighton, billed as Jocelyn Peters) – who we get to see a *lot* of.

The nasty sex stuff is still present (including an odd preponderance of handjob scenes) but Girls Are For Loving also has a certain self-awareness compared to its predecessors: at one point, Ginger and Ronnie have a conversation about the difference between love and lust.

Unfortunately, this newfound sensitivity is dashed by the scene in which Ginger responds to an inquiry about whether she considers herself promiscuous: “Let’s just say I like to fuck a lot.”

Ex-pro football star Timothy Brown co-stars.

Ginger McAllister
Cheri Caffaro
Clay Bowers
Timothy Brown
Ronnie St. Clair
Sheila Leighton (as Jocelyne Peters)
James L. Whitney III
Scott Ellsworth
William Henderson Jr.
Fred Vincent
Robert C. Jefferson
Mark Broderick
Rod Loomis
US Cabinet Member
Larry Douglas
Neil Barrington
Anthony C. Cannon
Jason Varone
William Grannel
Ambassador Hahn
Yuki Shimoda

Don Schain