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Go for a Take (1972)

An above-average British comedy of its time, Go For A Take runs along the lines of a Norman Wisdom romp, giving the rubber-faced Reg Varney the opportunity to run amok through a film studio as a submarine officer, vampire victim, knight, gunman, prisoner, waiter, Tarzan and a Viking warrior as two waiters, Wilfred Stone (Reg Varney) and Jack Foster (Norman Rossington), on the run from Generous Jim (Patrick Newell) because of an outstanding gambling debt.

Fearing for their lives, Wilf and Jack take refuge in the Starwood Film Studios (Pinewood Studios in real life) where they are mistaken for actors.

It makes for clean and pleasant comedy, although the apparent budget and shooting restrictions imposed on the film forces its star from time to time into some desperate mugging that only his fans and younger children will find funny.

Released in some markets as Double Take.

Wilfred Stone
Reg Varney
Jack Foster
Norman Rossington
Generous Jim
Patrick Newell
Suzi Eckmann
Anouska Hempel
Angel Montgomery
Sue Lloyd
Dracula actor
Dennis Price
Julie Ege
David Lodge
Security Men
Jack Haig
Bob Todd

Harry Booth