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Grand Theft Auto (1977)

Millionaire’s daughter Paula Powers (Nancy Morgan) steals her dad’s Rolls Royce and heads off to Las Vegas to get married to Sam Freeman (Ron Howard).

However, her angry father (Barry Cahill) hires a private detective (Rance Howard) to bring his daughter back. A jealous suitor (Paul Linke) offers a $25,000 reward for her return which means a bunch of reward seekers are also now determined to stop her.

Ron Howard’s full-length feature directing debut is very much a family affair. Made under the aegis of that canny judge of film talent Roger Corman, this was co-written by Howard’s father Rance (who also appears) and offers a role for brother Clint.

And while not strictly family, Ron’s screen mum from Happy Days Marion Ross is also in there as well, as Linke’s batty, overprotective mother.

Sadly, the film itself is less memorable and little more than an extended Dukes of Hazzard adventure.

Another Corman protegé soon set for bigger things, Joe Dante, edited the film.


Sam Freeman
Ron Howard
Paula Powers
Nancy Morgan
Vivian Hedgeworth
Marion Ross
Peter Isacksen
Digby Powers
Barry Cahill
Jack Klepper
Lew Brown
Priscilla Powers
Elizabeth Rogers
Ned Slinker
Rance Howard
Clint Howard
Collins Hedgeworth
Paul Linke
Curly Q. Brown
The Real Don Steele
Officer Tad
James Ritz
Eagle 1
Ken Lerner
Jack Perkins
Eagle Hingleman
Bill Conklin
Harold Hingleman
Robbie Weaver

Ron Howard